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About Jan Jensen

2017 was the year for the first release from the Danish musician and producer, Jan Jensen. A release he had dreamed of since he was a teenager and which now, almost 40 years after, has become a reality.

Since then, there have been no less than 40 single releases, as well as extended versions of some of the releases. Jan Jensen’s love for music is distinguished by the many different genres he deals with. It is primarily instrumental music, but he has also done vocal tracks.

The music is in genres such as Electronic, Italo Diso, Synthpop, Retro pop and he has also made a few tracks in genres such as Synthwave, Progressive House and Tropical House – so you have to say that he gets around a bit in the musical world.

Was It a Dream

In 2019 he released the single “Was It a Dream” which was the reason why various Dj’s abroad noticed him and he received a number of inquiries from these Dj’s that they would like to play the track in their show on either radio or podcast. Today, the number “Was It a Dream” was played approx. 438,000 times on Youtube alone.

Rain and Tears

In September 2020, Jan Jensen releases the track “Rain and Tears”. This track is picked up by Scottish Will Reid who is a DJ at Club 80s and at the Dutch Radio Stad den Haag. The track is then presented to the person in charge at the legendary German record company ZYX.

With this connection, Jan Jensen gets the opportunity to work with the Danish legend Flemming Dalum, who makes a remix version of the track, which will then be released on The New Generation Best of Italo & Euro Disco Volume 18, in March 2021.

Two compilation albums

In February 2022 he will release the album “The Journey” which is a compilation album with 13 tracks in the Electronic / Electronica genre and in March 2022 he will release the album “Looking Back” which is also a compilation album with no less than 19 tracks in the Italo / Pop genre / The synthpop genre.

Today, Jan Jensen’s music has been played by DJs on radio stations and in podcasts in Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland and most recently in Romania. The dream is that his music will also be played and listened to in Denmark.

So if you are into electronic synthesizer music, inspired by the music and sound from the 70s, 80s and 90s, listen to the music from Jan Jensen.