Back Together Again

Stockholm Nightlife & Jan Jensen - Back Together Again

Back Together Again by Stockholm Nightlife and Jan Jensen.



Released: More information later
Video release: December 23, 2021
Genre: Pop

Vocals by: Helly and MoonChild
Written by: Jan Jensen, Michael Paulsson and Helena Skoglund
Mixed & additional Bass & Kick by Mellon Music
Video by: Johan Tinnert & Tangafilm and Stockholm Nightlife

Mastering by:

Graphics by: Stockholm Nightlife

© Stockholm Nightlife, 2021, All Rights Reserved
℗ Stockholm Nightlife, 2021, All Rights Reserved


I am so proud to share this new video release from Stockholm Nightlife – Back Together Again,️ with you all 🎶✨❤️
This is the very first song we have written together and we are releasing this song hoping to spread a lot of love to all of you while we are waiting to be Back Together Again.
A big thank you to all of you who have participated in the video, we just love this 🙏❤️

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